20 November 2023
By: Emma Roe

The University of Southampton was fortunate to host one Wellcome funded PhD studentship within the AnNex programme. This was held by Tess Skidmore who completed in 2021, producing her thesis on the policy and practice of rehoming laboratory animals. Tess worked alongside two other doctoral candidates who shared her interest in human-animal relations, also studying with Emma Roe. These candidates were Rebecca Thomas and Kate Goldie.

30 September 2023
By: Beth Greenhough

We are excited to announce our new edited volume – Researching Animal Research – forthcoming (January 2024) with Manchester University Press. Looking back over everything that has emerged from our six - year collaboration as the Animal Research Nexus, Researching Animal Research in many ways epitomizes what our project has come to stand for.

17 July 2023
By: Emma Roe

At the closing ‘Researching Animal Research’ conference, we were delighted to bring together a set of diverse speakers to discuss perspectives on using creative methods for thinking about animal research. Throughout the project we have worked to develop creative methods to both study and engage the professional, student, and lay audiences of animal research.

12 July 2023
By: Gail Davies

The Animal Research Nexus Programme ran its closing workshop at the end of March (2023) at the Wellcome Trust in London. This was an opportunity for us to meet with colleagues, collaborators, and critical friends to review our research, reflect on the outcomes, and explore connections with other people and projects working in similar areas. 

6 June 2023
By: Pru Hobson-West
In this blog, Pru Hobson-West discusses animal research, fiction and non-fiction with Carlie Sorosiak, author of Always Clementine.
5 December 2022
By: Rich Gorman, Gabrielle King, Gail Davies

Research conducted by members of the AnNex team has highlighted the growing number of initiatives designed to engage and involve people with health conditions with the research that affects them. Our research has also identified some of the challenges that emerge as people affected by health conditions are invited into animal facilities or asked to evaluate research involving animals.

24 October 2022
By: Renelle McGlacken

Lately, the Nottingham team have been reflecting on reflecting. With the AnNex programme in its final phases, we’re considering how we have approached the issue of animal research as different individuals in differing disciplines, brought together to explore the nexus of animal research.

3 August 2022
By: Alistair Anderson, Pru Hobson-West


Over three days in July 2022, colleagues from the UK and beyond gathered online to discuss the thorny question of veterinary expertise.  

27 January 2022
By: Reuben Message, Beth Greenhough, Bentley Crudgington

We’ve created a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ version of our favourite fish – the AnNex Psychic Fish. The AnNex Psychic Fish was created in 2019 as a public engagement tool to explore people’s perceptions around fish use, sentience, and how these shape and define assumptions around their welfare requirements.

25 November 2021
By: Reuben Message

In our work on the cultures of care and communication in animal research, we often asked ourselves the question: why are fish not the ‘poster critters’ of animal research?