The Lab Collective

The Lab Collective create interactive, visceral live experiences; treading the line between theatre, game and installation, The Lab Collective empower the audience to collaborate in our performances. They have worked in a variety of traditional and non-traditional performance spaces, exploring and playing across disciplines to generate an innovative theatrical experience.

The Lab Collective’s work consists of three strands; interactive installations, socially relevant performance which explores current social questions, and large scale immersive performance for festivals and alternative sites.

Much of their work is socially and politically engaged and asks questions about issues which impact us all, giving a voice to unheard stories – told not only by our performers – but by the audience themselves. The Lab Collective is committed to developing a shared interactive performance practice, running workshops to improve skills of Interactive performers and Theatre Makers. 

The Animal Research Nexus Programme collaborated with The Lab Collective to create Vector. Vector is an interactive experience, which uses elements of performance, game and integrated technology to open up dialogue and shed light on the ethics that society faces when using animals as part of medical research. Vector premiered in March 2019 at NIAMOS Radical Arts Centre, Manchester.