Emma Roe

Emma is Professor of More-Than-Human Geography at the University of Southampton and an Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Veterinary Science, University of Bristol. Emma is a leading trans-disciplinary scholar, with core concerns in more-than-human geographies. She is comfortable working with those outside her discipline (veterinary science, food science, health science, rural studies, anthropology, engineering, the arts, and economics).

Emma has over 20 years of experience studying the bodies, practices and materialities that constitute the spaces of producing, retailing and eating food. Over the last 10 years she has worked on the practices of caring for, breeding and supply of animal bodies used in animal research. Most recently, she has studied the everyday microbial and viral geographies to support the tackling the global challenge of anti-microbial resistance and living through the Covid-19 pandemic. Her work has received research funding from the ESRC, AHRC, the European Commission, the British Academy, the Wellcome Trust, EPSRC and the British Veterinary Association.

She is co-author (with Henry Buller) of the book ‘Food and Animal Welfare’(Bloomsbury Academic Publishing) in 2018. She co-edited (with Michelle Bastian, Owain Jones, Niamh Moore) 'Participatory Research in a More-Than-Human World' (Routledge) in 2017.