Dr Erika Corradini, BA MA PhD FHEA

picture of Dr Erika Corradini, BA MA PhD FHEA

Academic Coordinator

Erika’s areas of academic interest are languages and linguistics. Her research work is centred on the transformations that languages are subject to throughout history with a special focus on English and its cognates. Before coming to LLAS in 2009, Erika lectured in History of the English Language and Early English Texts and taught modern and old languages. At LLAS, Erika manages projects in the areas of translation and interpreting, community languages, multilingualism, and languages in schools and higher education. 

Erika can be contacted by
Email: llas@soton.ac.uk | Tel: +44 (0)23 8059 4814 | Fax: +44 (0)23 8059 4815


Erika studied Languages and Literatures at the University of Bologna and specialises in the linguistics of Germanic languages, English and German in particular. She went on to studying for an MA in English Medieval Literatures at the University of York, before undertaking doctoral research in English Language and Literature. Her current research work examines the production of eleventh-century books originating from the south-west of the country. Her recent publications explore the intellectual stimuli behind the compilation of texts written in the English language in multilingual and multicultural environments (for more details...)  

Since joining LLAS, Erika has developed an expertise in educational development. In her role, she specifically supports translation and interpreting as disciplines instrumental to language teaching and learning and as career pathways. Recent projects have involved the management of two professional National Networks for Translation and Interpreting. These are funded by the HEFCE through the programme Routes into Languages, a partnership of UK-based universities working together to increase the take-up of languages in higher education. From 2014, Erika is Assistant Programme Manager for Routes into Languages, now in its second phase (Routes 2). In this capacity, she supports the central operations of the programme in addition to the activities and promotion of the National Networks.

The inter- and multi-disciplinary nature of Erika’s work has reflected in her career so far whether in class teaching or in educational development. In recognition for her work in education, in 2013 Erika was awarded a Fellowship to the Higher Education Academy.  


  • Management and coordination of projects centred on the pedagogy of languages; translation and interpreting; languages and linguistics
  • Professional and educational development in the areas of community languages, languages for research, languages in secondary education, e-learning for languages, translation and interpreting as professional pathways and for the public service
  • Applied research in the pedagogy of languages through technology; translation and interpreting. Content research in her subject area
  • Member of the Internationalisation Committee of the Open Library of Humanities.  A project that looks at novel ways to sustain Open Access in the Humanities

Key achievements


  • Assistant management of the HEFCE-funded national programme Routes 2 (2013/16)
  • Management of the National Networks for Translation and Interpreting (HEFCE-funded through Routes into Languages 2011/16)
  • Research coordiantion and supervision in the areas of Translation and Interpreting
  • Participates in the management and coordiantion of e-learning projects


  • Online resources for Translation and Interpreting, e.g. community building and informative websites, repositories for teaching resources
  • Informative websites for schools pupils and university students aimed at raising the profile of languages
  • Copyright guidance for publishing in open access


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For further details see University of Southampton eprints repository.