The OpenLIVES Project

LLAS has been funded by the JISC to lead the OpenLIVES project (Learning Insights from the Voices of Emigres from Spain). This project will digitise resources documenting the migration experiences of Spanish emigrés. Once released as open content, the raw data will be developed as open educational resources for a range of teaching and learning contexts in humanities and social sciences on topics such as migration, life history, employability skills, research skills, language learning. The project will use a tested process model for sharing expertise and teaching ideas to create reusable and innovative teaching resources. A key element of this project will be to involve students at all stages of resource development: using the original data, evaluating the teaching resources and creating/peer-reviewing their own learning resources.


November, 2011 - January, 2013

Key contact(s):

Kate Borthwick, Project Manager LLAS

Funded by:

The Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) eContent Capital programme

Project partners:

University of Leeds, University of Portsmouth, University of Southampton

Project aims:

a) to publish, for public use and re-use, a set of research data documenting Spanish migrant experiences

b) to create a suite of open educational resources using this research data and publish them for use and re-use

c) to embed the OERs into teaching and learning at three different UK institutions

d) to engage students in the process and evaluation of OERs including participation in inter-institutional collaborations

e) to raise awareness about best practice in collaborations to create and embed OERs

f) to demonstrate that a single set of research data collected for a specific purpose and discipline can be used in a wide range of different ways within humanities and social science disciplines

g) to demonstrate how this process, data set and OERs can contribute meaningfully to strategic objectives for higher education: employability, enhancing student learning and digital literacy


a) release and exploitation of a corpus of research data not normally accessible to the academic community

b) creation of a rich range of openly shared teaching resources appropriate to a wide variety of disciplines and skills

c) a model for release of research data for open sharing (including advice for researchers on data collection for open release)

d) student engagement in the academic community as evaluators and creators of research and learning materials

e) enhancement of transferable skills and digital literacy of students

f) initiation of a culture change which encourages researchers to ‘do justice’ to the data they have collected and to consider its relevance for a range of audiences and purposes within and beyond academia.

g) promotion and increase of the use and creation of digital content in the curriculum


JISC: www.jisc.ac.uk

All projects funded under this JISC programme: http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/digitisation/content2011_2013/Strand%20A.aspx

JISC eContent capital programme : http://www.jisc.ac.uk/fundingopportunities/funding_calls/2011/06/econtentcapital.aspx

The HumBox online repository: www.humbox.ac.uk

Further resources available on our website:

The OpenLIVES project builds on previous projects led by LLAS, including the HumBox project (www.humbox.ac.uk) and the Community Café project (www.llas.ac.uk/communitycafe).

LLAS has long-standing experience of working on OER projects and has also collaborated on the JISC-funded Faroes, Oneshare and HumBox Impact projects.