EXALAT is a project funded by UKRI to address the needs of the lattice field theory community in the UK in the era of Exascale computing. The advent of new Exascale computers, based on heterogeneous architectures, will open new possibilities and bring new challenges. The purpose of this workshop is to identify these challenges and draw a roadmap for the community towards the Exascale. The main focus of the workshop will be on:

1. Scientific objectives and HPC requirements for various codebases.
2. Benchmarking and identification of bottlenecks. Hardware choices.
3. Optimization and code development.
4. Training opportunities.
5. Links to other HPC communities.

Registration for the workshop is now open and will close on June 11th.

The workshop programme will include Lattice talks (focussing on both physics challenges needing Exascale performance and their computational implications), Exascale non-lattice challenges and industrial contributions. A near-final schedule is available at https://higgs.ph.ed.ac.uk/workshops/exalat-lattice-field-theory-at-the-exascale/

The indico page of the workshop is at https://indico.ph.ed.ac.uk/event/69/

The workshop will take place on Zoom. The Zoom link will be sent to registered participants via email on Fri 12th June.
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Monday, June 8, 2020