The two day student-led conference `Novel ideas in HEP: From theory to detector’ took place on the 13th and 14th of April, this conference was sponsored by SEPnet (South East Physics network) and was held in collaboration with the ‘Optics and photonics for scientific progress’ student-led conference.

The conference was organised by a team of PhD students from the University of Southampton and Queen Mary University of London and included Alex Mitchell, Arran Freegard, Ciara Byers, Billy Ford, Ross Glew and Charlie Woodward with the support of Cristobel Soares from GRADnet and Professor Stefano Moretti from SHEP.

The workshop was held online due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic; sessions were held covering topics of high energy physics including formal theory, AdS/CFT, lattice physics, phenomenology, model building and detector physics. These workshops included talks from world leading experts including Professor Daniel Litim, Professor Carlos Nunez, Dr Vera Guelpers, Dr Stefan Prestal, Dr Ian Tomalin and Professor Veronica Sanz and this met the target of having a 50-50 split on the invited speakers being men and women. In addition to this 15 student speakers gave talks on their work and the conference had over 50 participants.

Joint sessions were held with the ‘Optics and photonics for scientific progress’ student-led conference including a session on post-PhD careers and outreach with invited speakers Dr Sadie Jones and Mr John Barnes. In addition to this a joint poster session was held with over 30 posters being judged in public and guest judge votes via Gathertown which proved to be a smashing success. A quiz was also held for attendees.

Despite the challenge of holding the conference online due to the pandemic it proved to be very successful and offered a unique opportunity to host attendees from beyond SEPnet and the UK. The conference was a relaxed setting for early career researchers to discuss their work and take part in pedagogical talks from world experts on a broad range of subjects, It also offered the organisers the rare opportunity to make the conference their own and develop a wide range of invaluable skills.
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Wednesday, April 14, 2021