The Animal Research Nexus Programme (AnNex) was a six year collaborative award funded by the Wellcome Trust from 2017-2023. It was jointly led by researchers from anthropology, geography, history, science and technology studies, and sociology in collaboration with colleagues and stakeholders across the animal research community. It sought to understand the complex entanglements between policy and practice that make up the Animal Research Nexus.

AnNex was organized around five different research projects, with an overarching strand dedicated to collaboration and communication. The History & Cultures project was led by Robert Kirk at the University of Manchester. The Species & Spaces project was led by Beth Greenhough at the University of Oxford. The Markets & Materials project was led by Emma Roe at the University of Southampton. The People & Professions project was led by Pru Hobson-West at the University of Nottingham. The Engagement & Involvement project was led by Gail Davies at the University of Exeter. Our integrated programme of engagement activities, in the Collaboration & Communication strand, was led by creative facilitator Bentley Crudgington.

You can explore the work associated with each project throught the image links below, or use the links above to Explore the Nexus, meet the People taking in our work, read our Research Blogs, or explore our Publications, Engagement Activities, and past Events