Explaining the nervous system in terms of computer programming and the object-class abstraction

Josephson, Brian D. (2002) Explaining the nervous system in terms of computer programming and the object-class abstraction. [Preprint]

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It is argued that the key to understanding the brain is to view it as a device making extensive use of methodologies developed in computer programming, the idea of compiling source code written in a high-level language providing a mechanism for conceptually linking the two domains. Following the argument through, one arrives at a clarification of what the nervous system in its complexity is all about; it consists of a collection of devices for implementing specific kinds of competence, in ways in principle indicated in detail by application of the object-oriented programming paradigm to the various kinds of processes featuring in cognitive life.

Item Type:Preprint
Additional Information:This is a very preliminary draft and comments on presentation and validity, suggestions of further illustrations of the model, etc., are invited (email to:
Keywords:Brain modelling, computation, development, object-oriented programming, high-level languages, compilation process, nativism, constructivism
Subjects:Neuroscience > Neural Modelling
Computer Science > Neural Nets
Computer Science > Artificial Intelligence
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Deposited On:04 Dec 2002
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