The study of the regenesis of mind in the 21st century

Schönle, Paul Walter and Stemmer, Brigitte (2000) The study of the regenesis of mind in the 21st century. [Journal (Paginated)]

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The enigma of consciousness and the brain-mind relationship will - most likely - be unveiled in the 21st century through the new technologies developed at the end of the 20th century and new technologies yet to come. The new technologies will be used to tackle the problem from evolu-tionary, developmental, normal and pathological brain functioning. A major contribution, how-ever, will surface when investigating a particular perspective of pathological brain functioning - a perspective that has not received any attention in the past: the investigation of the re-emergence of mind out of prolonged coma and coma like states.

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Keywords:regenesis, mind, brain damage, coma, consciousness, EEG, ERP, imaging, biochemistry, endocrinology, ethics, vegetative state, akinetic mutism
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