Complex Philosophy

Gershenson, Carlos (2002) Complex Philosophy. [Conference Paper] (In Press)

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As science, knowledge, and ideas evolve and are increased and refined, the branches of philosophy in charge of describing them should also be increased and refined. In this work we try to expand some ideas as a response to the recent approach from several sciences to complex systems. Because of their novelty, some of these ideas might require further refinement and may seem unfinished, but we need to start with something. Only with their propagation and feedback from critics they might be improved. We make a brief introduction to complex systems, for then defining <em>abstraction levels</em>. Abstraction levels represent simplicities and regularities in nature. We make an ontological distinction of absolute being and relative being, and then discuss issues on causality, metaphysics, and determinism.

Item Type:Conference Paper
Keywords:Complexity, Philosophy, Ontology, Abstraction Levels, Determinism, Causality
Subjects:Philosophy > Metaphysics
Philosophy > Philosophy of Science
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