The Doomsday Argument and Hempel's Problem

Franceschi, Paul (1999) The Doomsday Argument and Hempel's Problem. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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English translation of a paper originally pupblished in French in the Canadian Journal of Philosophy under the title 'Comment l'urne de Carter et Leslie se déverse dans celle de Hempel'. In this paper, I present firstly a solution to Hempel's Problem. I recall secondly the solution to the Doomsday Argument described in my previous Une Solution pour l'Argument de l'Apocalypse (Canadian Journal of Philosophy 1998-2) and remark that both solutions are based on a similar line of reasoning. I show thirdly that the Doomsday Argument can be reduced to the core of Hempel's Problem.

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Keywords:Hempel's Problem, Doomsday Argument, reference class problem
Subjects:Philosophy > Philosophy of Science
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