Burgin, Dr. Mark and Simon, Irving (2001) INFORMATION, ENERGY, AND EVOLUTION. [Preprint]

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Within the current theory of evolution, the development in the direction of higher complexity is taken to be a necessary condition. This gives birth to a problem why this direction is prevalent for evolution. Philosophers and scientists tried to substantiate this condition and to explain it, yet the question still remains open. Our aim is to find specific regularities in nature that make complexity the chosen direction. Three main causes for this direction are deduced from initial principles, assuming that information and energy are the vital nutrients for evolution. Consequently, we base our explication and explanation of causes on the principles of information theory, Ashby’s principle of requisite variety/complexity, as well as we suggest and ground some additional principles of the system development. This makes possible to separate three principal stages for evolution of living organisms: biological, neurological, and epistemological.

Item Type:Preprint
Keywords:information, energy, evolution, variety, complexity, principle, development, infological system, infological element
Subjects:Biology > Evolution
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Deposited By: Burgin, Dr. Mark
Deposited On:04 Aug 2002
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