Faculty Development Program in Dokuz Eylül School of Medicine: In the process of curriculum change from traditional to PBL

Musal, Berna and Abacioglu, Hakan and Dicle, Oguz and Akalin, Elif and Sarioglu, Sülen and Esen, Adil (2002) Faculty Development Program in Dokuz Eylül School of Medicine: In the process of curriculum change from traditional to PBL. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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Introduction: In Dokuz Eylül School of Medicine (DESM) a faculty development program is being carried out by the "Trainers' Training Committee". DESM made a fundamental change in its curriculum from traditional to Problem-based Learning (PBL) in 1997. This was the first implementation of a PBL curriculum in Turkey. Faculty development activities were initiated in the same year. This paper describes the faculty development activities with a special emphasis on PBL courses. Program description: Between 1997-2000 27 four-day long PBL courses were held for 343 participants. The curriculum consisted of PBL philosophy, PBL steps, role of the tutor and students in PBL process, effective case design, assessment principles and group dynamics. PBL simulations enabled the participants to play the roles of both tutors and students. Process evaluation: At the end of the program most of the participants stated that length of the program, content, training methods and the course organization was appropriate. The majority of the participants (89.5%) found the program very useful. PBL steps, PBL practices and PBL philosophy were found as the most useful sessions. Discussion: These courses gave medical staff the opportunity to develop their understanding of PBL methodology and theory. PBL courses and continuous educational activities such as weekly tutor meetings are being held and new courses on advanced tutoring skills are being planned for the near future in DESM.

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