Visualization of Data by Method of Elastic Maps and Its Applications in Genomics, Economics and Sociology

Gorban, Prof. Alexander. N. and Zinovyev, Dr. Andrei Yu. (2001) Visualization of Data by Method of Elastic Maps and Its Applications in Genomics, Economics and Sociology. [Preprint]


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Technology of data visualization and data modeling is suggested. The basic of the technology is original idea of elastic net and methods of its construction and application. A short review of relevant methods has been made. The methods proposed are illustrated by applying them to the real economical, sociological and biological datasets and to some model data distributions. The basic of the technology is original idea of elastic net - regular point approximation of some manifold that is put into the multidimensional space and has in a certain sense minimal energy. This manifold is an analogue of principal surface and serves as non-linear screen on what multidimensional data are projected. Remarkable feature of the technology is its ability to work with and to fill gaps in data tables. Gaps are unknown or unreliable values of some features. It gives a possibility to predict plausibly values of unknown features by values of other ones. So it provides technology of constructing different prognosis systems and non-linear regressions. The technology can be used by specialists in different fields. There are several examples of applying the method presented in the end of this paper.

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Keywords:Vizualization, Data mining, Neural networks, Self-organizing maps, Genomic
Subjects:Computer Science > Neural Nets
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