Electric and magnetic fields inside neurons and their impact upon the cytoskeletal microtubules

Georgiev, Danko (2003) Electric and magnetic fields inside neurons and their impact upon the cytoskeletal microtubules. [Preprint]

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If we want to better understand how the microtubules can translate and input the information carried by the electrophysiologic impulses that enter the brain cortex, a detailed investigation of the local electromagnetic field structure is needed. In this paper are assessed the electric and the magnetic field strengths in different neuronal compartments. The calculated results are verified via experimental data comparison. It is shown that the magnetic field is too weak to input information to microtubules and no Hall effect, respectively QHE is realistic. Local magnetic flux density is less than 1/300 of the Earth’s magnetic field that’s why any magnetic signal will be suffocated by the surrounding noise. In contrast the electric field carries biologically important information and acts upon voltage-gated transmembrane ion channels that control the neuronal action potential. If mind is linked to subneuronal processing of information in the brain microtubules then microtubule interaction with the local electric field, as input source of information is crucial. The intensity of the electric field is estimated to be 10V/m inside the neuronal cytoplasm however the details of the tubulin-electric field interaction are still unknown. A novel hypothesis stressing on the tubulin C-termini intraneuronal function is presented replacing the current flawed models (Tuszynski 2003, Mershin 2003, Hameroff 2003, Porter 2003) presented at the Quantum Mind II Conference held at Tucson, Arizona, 15-19 March 2003, that are shown in this presentation to be biologically and physically inconsistent.

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Keywords:subneuronal processing of information, tubulin tails, electromagnetic field, solitons, consciousness
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