Individualism and Evolutionary Psychology (or: In Defense of 'Narrow' Functions)

Buller, David J. (1997) Individualism and Evolutionary Psychology (or: In Defense of 'Narrow' Functions). [Journal (Paginated)]

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Millikan and Wilson argue, for different reasons, that the essential reference to the environment in adaptationist explanations of behavior makes (psychological) individualism inconsistent with evolutionary psychology. I show that their arguments are based on misinterpretations of the role of reference to the environment in such explanations. By exploring these misinterpretations, I develop an account of explanation in evolutionary psychology that is fully consistent with individualism. This does not, however, constitute a full-fledged defense of individualism, since evolutionary psychology is only one explanatory paradigm among many in psychology.

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Keywords:individualism, behavioral ecology, function, etiological theory, proximate mechanisms, selection
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Biology > Ethology
Psychology > Cognitive Psychology
Philosophy > Philosophy of Mind
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Psychology > Psychobiology
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