Development and Evaluation of an Internet-Based Airway Evaluation Tutorial

Euliano ,MD, Tammy Y. and Lee, Amy I. and Melker ,MD, Jeremy and Schmalfuss ,MD, Ilona M. (2003) Development and Evaluation of an Internet-Based Airway Evaluation Tutorial. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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Airway evaluation and basic management are essential skills for all physicians. Identifying patients for whom mask ventilation or endotracheal intubation will be difficult to impossible is vital for patient safety. Despite this, training in airway evaluation is minimal in the curricula of most medical schools. To ensure a thorough understanding of airway anatomy and evaluation, as well as exposure to various abnormal findings, we developed an Internet-based module including interactive components, graphics, animation, video, and a self-assessment tool. The site received more than 1800 visits in its first nine months of operation, with uniformly laudatory comments. Eighty subjects over a six-month period completed a pre- and post-test quiz structured to evaluate the utility of the site. Of those completing the on-line survey, more than 76% rated the site very useful. Most felt their knowledge of airway examination improved after completion of the site (p<0.00004). The median amount of time spent on the site was 29.5 minutes. Judging from the overwhelming response to this site from around the world and across disciplines, such interactive training tools that exploit the technological capabilities of the Internet provide useful adjuncts to traditional teaching methods.

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