Organismic Supercategories and Qualitative Dynamics of Systems

Baianu, Professor I.C. (1971) Organismic Supercategories and Qualitative Dynamics of Systems. [Journal (Paginated)]

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The representation of biological systems by means of organismic supercategories, developed in previous papers, is further discussed. The different approaches to relational biology, developed by Rashevsky, Rosen and by Baianu and Marinescu, are compared with Qualitative Dynamics of Systems which was initiated by Henri Poincaré (1881). On the basis of this comparison some concrete results concerning dynamics of genetic system, development, fertilization, regeneration, analogies, and oncogenesis are derived.

Item Type:Journal (Paginated)
Additional Information:Supercategories defined currently as n-categories or higher dimensional algebra, Axiomatic definitions of Categories and Supercategories of Relational, Complex Biological Systems, Dynamic Computations with Algebraic Varieties, Cell Transformations to Malignant Cancer.
Keywords:Quantum Computation,Quantum Automata, Carcinogenesis, Categories and Functors, Homology Theory, Quantum Genetics, Relational Oscillations, Organismic Supercategories, Qualitative Dynamics, Algebraic Geometry in Biology, Dynamic Programnming, Categorical Dynamic Systems, Observables Generating Diagram, Relational Biology
Subjects:Computer Science > Dynamical Systems
Computer Science > Complexity Theory
Computer Science > Artificial Intelligence
Biology > Theoretical Biology
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