Łukasiewicz-Topos Models of Neural Networks, Cell Genome and Interactome Nonlinear Dynamic Models

Baianu, Professor I.C. (2004) Łukasiewicz-Topos Models of Neural Networks, Cell Genome and Interactome Nonlinear Dynamic Models. [Preprint]

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A categorical and Łukasiewicz-Topos framework for Algebraic Logic models of nonlinear dynamics in complex functional systems such as Neural Networks, Cell Genome and Interactome Networks is introduced. Łukasiewicz Algebraic Logic models of both neural and genetic networks and signaling pathways in cells are formulated in terms of nonlinear dynamic systems with n-state components that allow for the generalization of previous logical models of both genetic activities and neural networks. An algebraic formulation of variable 'next-state functions' is extended to a Łukasiewicz Topos with an n-valued Łukasiewicz Algebraic Logic subobject classifier description that represents non-random and nonlinear network activities as well as their transformations in developmental processes and carcinogenesis.

Item Type:Preprint
Keywords:Łukasiewicz models of Genetic Networks; Genome and cell interactomics models in terms of categories of Łukasiewicz logic Algebras and Lukasiewicz Topos;Łukasiewicz Topos with an n-valued Łukasiewicz Algebraic Logic subobject classifier; genetic network transformations in Carcinogenesis, developmental processes and Evolution/ Evolutionary Biology; Relational Biology of Archea, yeast and higher eukaryotic organisms; nonlinear dynamics in non-random, hierarchic genetic networks; proteomics coupled genomes via signaling pathways;mechanisms of neoplastic transformations of cells and topological grupoid models of genetic networks in cancer cells; natural transformations of organismic structures in Molecular Biology.
Subjects:Computer Science > Dynamical Systems
Computer Science > Complexity Theory
Computer Science > Neural Nets
Biology > Theoretical Biology
ID Code:3701
Deposited By: Baianu, Professor I. C.
Deposited On:06 Jul 2004
Last Modified:11 Mar 2011 08:55

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