A survey of Trace Metals Determination in Hospital Waste Incinerator in Lucknow City, India

Kumar, Mr. Ranjan and Patel, Mr. DK and Kumar, Mr. Ramesh (2004) A survey of Trace Metals Determination in Hospital Waste Incinerator in Lucknow City, India. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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Information on the elemental content of incinerator burning of human organ, animal and medical waste is scanty in India Nineteen trace elements were analyzed in the incinerator ash from four major hospitals, one municipal waste incinerator and two R & D laboratories engaged in animal experiment in Lucknow city. Concentrations of Zinc and Lead were found to be very high in comparison to other metals due to burning of plastic products. The source of Ca, P and K are mainly bone, teeth and other animal organs. A wide variation in trace concentration of several toxic elements have been seen due to variation in initial waste composition, design of the incinerator and operating conditions.

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Keywords:Trace elements, incinerator, hospital waste
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