Comparative Study Of HIV Associated Pulmonary Tuberculosis In Chest Clinics From Two Regions Of Edo State, Nigeria

Gilbert Obiora, Nwobu and Marcellinus Aigbokhan, Okodua and Mirabeau Youtchou, Tatfeng (2004) Comparative Study Of HIV Associated Pulmonary Tuberculosis In Chest Clinics From Two Regions Of Edo State, Nigeria. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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A comparative study of HIV associated pulmonary tuberculosis (HIV-PTB) was carried out in Chest Clinics situated in Benin and Irrua environs of Edo State, Nigeria, using microscopical and serological methods. In Irrua environs, HIV-PTB co-infection is higher in females (12.5%) than in males (9.2%) but not statistically significant (P > 0.05). In Benin, HIV-PTB is also higher in females (11.3%) than in males (7.2%) but not statistically significant (P > 0.05). In Benin, PTB is statistically high among <20 years and 21–30 years old subjects (50% and 28.7% respectively, P < 0.05), while HIV is statistically high among age group 31–40 years and 41.50 years (23.5% and 27.9% respectively, P < 0.05). HIV-PTB co-infection is also statistically high among drivers and traders (13.8% and 12.6% respectively, P < 0.05) in Benin. Generally, there is no significant difference in the prevalence of HIV, PTB and HIV-PTB infection rate in the two regions when sex and occupation of the subjects are considered (P > 0.05). However, subjects of > 60 years old have a significantly higher PTB disease in Benin than their counterpart in Irrua (28.6% and 0% respectively, P < 0.05)

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