Electrical Storms in Brugada Syndrome: Review of Pharmacologic and Ablative Therapeutic Options

Maury, P and Hocini, M and Haïssaguerre, M (2005) Electrical Storms in Brugada Syndrome: Review of Pharmacologic and Ablative Therapeutic Options. [Journal (Paginated)]

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Electrical storm occurring in a patient with the Brugada syndrome is an exceptional but malignant and potentially lethal event. Efficient therapeutic solutions should be known and urgently applied because of the inability of usual antiarrhythmic means in preventing multiple recurrences of ventricular arrhythmias. Isoproterenol should be immediately infused while oral quinidine should be further administrated when isoproterenol is not effective. In case of failure of these therapeutic options, ablation of the triggering ventricular ectopies should be attempted

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Keywords:electrical storm; Brugada syndrome; isoproterenol; quinidine; ablation, ventricular fibrillation
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