Surgical treatment of permanent atrial fibrillation during cardiac surgery using monopolar and bipolar radiofrequency ablation

Geidel, Stephan and Ostermeyer, Jörg and Lass, Michael and Boczor, Sigrid and Kuck, Karl-Heinz (2003) Surgical treatment of permanent atrial fibrillation during cardiac surgery using monopolar and bipolar radiofrequency ablation. [Journal (Paginated)]

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Objective: Permanent atrial fibrillation (pAF) is a serious problem in cardiac surgery: An incidence of 3.5% among all patients scheduled for open heart surgery, 9.8% in heart valve cases and 45.6% among patients with severe rheumatic mitral valve (MV) disease was observed in our institution. Our experience with radiofrequency (RF) ablation procedures to treat pAF in these cases is reported. Methods: Since February 2001 monopolar endocardial RF ablation procedures creating two encircling isolation lesions around the left and the right pulmonary veins (LPVs, RPVs) and a connection line between both were performed in patients with pAF concomitant to heart valve surgery. Since March 2003 bipolar RF ablation was used as an adjunct to CABG surgery. Amiodarone was given for 3 months after surgery. Results: Sixtytwo patients with pAF underwent surgical ablation procedures and primary valve (mitral: n=45; aortic: n=13; aortic+mitral: n=1; LA-diameter 55.6±7.3 mm) or CABG surgery (n=3). Follow-up was performed at 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 months; 75% had stable sinus rhythm (SR) at late follow-up. Almost 90% of the patients with a preoperative LA-diameter of <56mm had SR. Conclusion: Isolation of the PVs using RF ablation procedures in combination with amiodarone therapy represents a safe and efficient option to cure pAF in patients undergoing open heart surgery.

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Keywords:Atrial fibrillation; atrial fibrillation surgery; radiofrequency ablation; arrhythmia surgery; heart valve surgery; maze surgery; bipolar radiofrequency ablation.
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