Conscious Experience, Existence and Behaviour

Randrup, Dr. Axel (2005) Conscious Experience, Existence and Behaviour. (Unpublished)

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If consciousness has no influence on my behaviour,what shall I do with it ? In this paper it is contended, that even if neuroscience is right, if some conscious experiences such as emotional experiences have no influence on our behavior, they still constitute a significant part of our world, our existence. For understanding the significance of conscious experiences we should go beyond behaviour, biology and biological evolution. This paper and its understanding of consciousness and natural science is based on an idealist philosophy maintaining, that only conscious experience is real. Conscious experience is supposed to be known directly or intuitively, it cannot be explained. Key words: Consciousness as existence; behaviour; communication; language; free will; idealist philosophy; collective conscious experience; cognition.

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Keywords:Idealist philosophy, collective conscious experience, consciousness as experience, consciousness and behaviour
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