A Comparison of Alcohol Abusers who have and have not Experienced Blackouts

O'Mahony, Dr John F (2004) A Comparison of Alcohol Abusers who have and have not Experienced Blackouts. [Journal (Paginated)]

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This study examined the proposition that the experience of alcoholic blackouts is related to other indices of cerebral involvement in the alcoholic process. In particular it was suggested that those who experience alcoholic blackouts would also show signs of the effects of alcoholic damage in the form of lower scores on cognitive functions vulnerable to the effects of long-term alcohol abuse. While some evidence was found linking the experience of blackout to severity of the alcohol problem no relationship was found between cognitive functioning and the experience of blackout. The possibility that different mechanisms may underlie the various cognitive sequelae of alcohol abuse is raised.

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Keywords:Alcoholic Blackout, Alcohol Abuse, Cognitive Impairment
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