The face, beauty, and symmetry: Perceiving asymmetry in beautiful faces

Zaidel, Dr. Dahlia W. and Cohen, Jennifer A. (2005) The face, beauty, and symmetry: Perceiving asymmetry in beautiful faces. [Journal (Paginated)]

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The relationship between bilateral facial symmetry and beauty remains to be clarified. Here, straight head-on photographs of “beautiful” faces from the collections of professional modeling agencies were selected. First, beauty ratings were obtained for these faces. Then, the authors created symmetrical left-left and right-right composites of the beautiful faces and asked a new group of subjects to choose the most attractive pair member. “Same” responses were allowed. No difference between the left-left and right-right composites was revealed but significant differences were obtained between “same” and the left-left or right-right. These results show that subjects detected asymmetry in beauty and suggest that very beautiful faces can be functionally asymmetrical.

Item Type:Journal (Paginated)
Keywords:attractiveness, brain evolution, the face and the brain, functional asymmetry, symmetry, evolution, mate choice, sexual selection, nature of beauty, left-left, right-right, beauty ratings, hemispheric specialization, faces.
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Psychology > Evolutionary Psychology
Neuroscience > Behavioral Neuroscience
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