A Giant Lipoma In The Hand - Report Of A Rare Case

Kamath B, Dr. Jagannath and Kamath K, Dr. Ramachandra and Bhardwaj, Dr. Praveen and -, Dr. Shridhar and Sharma, Dr. Chetna (2006) A Giant Lipoma In The Hand - Report Of A Rare Case. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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A 38 years old male patient presented with a large painless swelling in the right palm with ultrasound examination suggestive of fatty nature of the swelling MRI showing a well-circumscribed soft tissue swelling in the deep palmar space. The giant tumor of 6.5 X 4 cm was excised and the patient was symptom free two years following the surgery.

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Keywords:Lipoma; Giant tumor; Deep palmar space; Surgical excision
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