A note on the prothrombin time abnormality in the patients with amebic liver abscess

Wiwaniikit, Viroj and Suwansaksri, Nattakarn and Suwansaksri, Jamsai (2006) A note on the prothrombin time abnormality in the patients with amebic liver abscess. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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Amebic liver abscess is reported worldwide and can present with a a wide spectrum of clinical manifetations. Similar to the other liver diseases, the prothrombin time abnormality can be seen in the patients with amebic liver abscess. We retrospectively studied the prothrombin times among 30 Thai hospitalized patients with amebic liver abscesses and did not find any correlation between the prothrombin time and any other studied manifestation

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Keywords:Amebic liver abscess, Prothrombin time
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