Actitudes y experiencia sexual en mujeres jóvenes (Attitudes and sexual experience in young women)

Iñigo, Saez Uribarri and Carmen, Guijarro Santamaría (2000) Actitudes y experiencia sexual en mujeres jóvenes (Attitudes and sexual experience in young women). [Journal (Paginated)]

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The Hudson et al Test (1983) has demonstrated an adequate interna1 consistency (Alpha = 0.81) as well as its validity for measuring sexual attitudes. This is due to the possibility of finding - by means of a canonical factorial analysis - three significant functions with a confidente leve1 of 95%. These functions are entirely related, with the probability of having reached a given leve1 of sexual experience in the 515 women from age 16 to 18 that have been studied. Additionally these functions appear to measure attitudes towards specific sexual behaviors, towards integrating sexuality within the family codes and towards sexual freedom. The corresponding canonical correlations with reference to the leve1 of sexual experience were for the first function 0.4318 (Chi251=135.53838p<0.0001), for the second function 0.2847 (Chi232=58.892; p=0.0026), and for the third function 0.2670 (Chi215=27.485; p=0.025). The first function seems to be related to age. Along with the third function, it is also related to religion. The second and third functions are sensitive to the social context of the women studied: place of residence, school and type of studies that are being undertaken.

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Keywords:Sexual attitudes, Sexual initiation, Female sexuality, Euskadi
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