An Empirical Test of a Postulate of a Mediating Process between Mind Processes

Laasonen, Ed.D Raimo Juhani (1999) An Empirical Test of a Postulate of a Mediating Process between Mind Processes. (Unpublished)

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The objective of the research was to verify a postulate of a theory of mind processes. The postulate stated that the mediating process of the mind processes comprises of diffusion, absorption, and assimilation through bursts of information. The data were obtained from videotaped sessions. The number of subjects was 78. Reliability of observation was assessed with the help of the coefficients of determination and alienation in comparison with the randomized variables. The proper analysis device was conditional probability. Patterns occurred that enabled to indicate that diffusion, absorption, and assimilation are real processes between other mind processes; such as the initial form, the mental shape, the mindy, and the configuration. Thus the postulate has a high probability of verification that makes it needless to patch the wholes of the preliminary theory, logically. The next phase is to find out the associations of the entire preliminary construction or the 8 processes with adult data.

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Keywords:diffusion, absorption, assimilation, conditional, biconditional, mind processes.
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Laasonen, R. J. (1996). One preliminary theory

of mind processes. Unpublished manuscript.


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