Spreading of Information through “Silaturahmi” Network

Situngkir, Hokky (2007) Spreading of Information through “Silaturahmi” Network. [Departmental Technical Report]

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The paper introduces the organization concept of silaturahmi that widely used as an important concept to maintain a lot of community structures in Indonesia. One of the organization is alumni forum where alumni gathers and establishes an institutional organization. The concept of silaturahmi is demonstrated to build a network among alumni that has been spread world-wide by observing the clustered gathered in social clusters. The paper reports the small world topology emerged and discusses some interesting conjectures regarding to social institutions that is made upon the concept of silaturahmi.

Item Type:Departmental Technical Report
Keywords:silaturahmi, social networks, small world topology, social organization, voting system.
Subjects:Computer Science > Statistical Models
Computer Science > Complexity Theory
Psychology > Social Psychology
Psychology > Evolutionary Psychology
ID Code:5848
Deposited By: Situngkir, Mr Hokky
Deposited On:28 Nov 2007 03:14
Last Modified:11 Mar 2011 08:57

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