Unusual Case of a Patient with Tracheal Stenosis

Pellant, Arnošt and Škvrňáková, Jana and Mejzlík, Jan and Mandysová, Petra (2008) Unusual Case of a Patient with Tracheal Stenosis. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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We report a case of tracheal stenosis that required the creation of a uniquely adapted permanent tracheostomy. The patient’s case was especially challenging because she had multiple disabilities causing limited movement in her upper extremities that prevented her from active involvement in self-care activities. Co-ordinated efforts by an interdisciplinary team in a Czech health care environment helped the patient to gain as much independence as possible despite her multiple disabilities.

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Keywords:Tracheal Stenosis, Nursing Care, Tracheostomy, Disabled Patient, Quality of Life
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