Constructing the Phylomemetic Tree: Indonesian Tradition-Inspired Buildings

Situngkir, Hokky (2008) Constructing the Phylomemetic Tree: Indonesian Tradition-Inspired Buildings. [Departmental Technical Report]

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The paper discusses the importance of phylomemetic visualization to approach the cultural diversity in the social system like Indonesia, and thus revisit formal methodology regarding to the construction of the phylomemetic tree as an inspiration lent from the phylogenic analysis. A case of study is presented regarding to the data obtained from the diversity of traditionally inspired building-designs in Indonesia. Some future conjectures and open future analytical works in the anthropological studies are drawn.

Item Type:Departmental Technical Report
Keywords:phylomemetic tree, dendrogram, cultural evolution, memetics, diversity, Indonesia.
Subjects:Philosophy > Philosophy of Mind
Computer Science > Statistical Models
Computer Science > Complexity Theory
Psychology > Social Psychology
Biology > Sociobiology
ID Code:5970
Deposited By: Situngkir, Mr Hokky
Deposited On:10 Mar 2008 15:03
Last Modified:11 Mar 2011 08:57

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