Musical Tradition in Megalithic Site of Indonesian Gunung Padang?

Mauludy, Rolan and Situngkir, Hokky (2008) Musical Tradition in Megalithic Site of Indonesian Gunung Padang? [Departmental Technical Report]

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The paper reports a possibilities of musical traditions of ancient civilization who built the sites discovered in Gunung Padang, West Java, Indonesia. Particular group of the stones in the megalithic site happens to have relatively high frequency that might have correspondence with standard western musical scale. From the samples recorded at the site, we do the power spectral analysis to have the dominant frequency within the audio and mapped the result to MIDI numbers. We showed that the obtained four notes interestingly have particular places in modern musical scale.

Item Type:Departmental Technical Report
Keywords:stone-age, megalithic sites, CIanjur, Indonesia.
Subjects:Biology > Primatology
Psychology > Perceptual Cognitive Psychology
Biology > Evolution
Psychology > Evolutionary Psychology
ID Code:6004
Deposited By: Situngkir, Mr Hokky
Deposited On:07 Apr 2008 21:07
Last Modified:11 Mar 2011 08:57

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