Psychic embedding — vision and delusion

Radulescu, Anca (2008) Psychic embedding — vision and delusion. [Preprint]

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The paper introduces the idea that the human brain may apply complex mathematical modules in order to process and understand the world. We speculate that the substrate of what appears outwardly as intuition, or prophetic power, may be a mathematical apparatus such as time-delay embedding. In this context, predictive accuracy may be the reflection of an appropriate choice of the embedding parameters. We further put this in the perspective of mental illness, and search for the possible differences between good intuition and delusive ideation. We speculate that the task at which delusional schizophrenic patients falter is not necessarily of perception, but rather of model selection. Failure of the psychotic patient to correctly choose the embedding parameters may readily lead to misinterpretation of an accurate perception through an altered reconstructed of the object perceived.

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Keywords:psychic, prediction, cognitive, mathematics, embedding, delusion, schizophrenia
Subjects:Philosophy > Philosophy of Mind
Psychology > Cognitive Psychology
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