Efficiency of Health Care Sector at Sub-State Level in India: A Case of Punjab

Purohit, BC (2009) Efficiency of Health Care Sector at Sub-State Level in India: A Case of Punjab. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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In recent years, WHO and other individual researchers have advocated estimation of health system performance through stochastic frontier models. It provides an idealized yardstick to evaluate economic performance of health system. So far attempts in India have remained focused at state level analysis. This paper attempts a sub-state level analysis for an affluent Indian state, namely Punjab, by using stochastic frontier technique. Our results provide pertinent insight into state health system and facilitate health facility planning at the sub-state level. Carried out in two stages of estimation, our results suggest that life expectancy in the Indian state could be enhanced considerably by correcting the factors that are adversely influencing the sub-state level health system efficiency. A higher budgetary allocation for health manpower is recommended by us to improve efficiency in poorly performing districts. This may be supported by policy initiatives outside the health system by empowering women through better education and work participation

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Keywords:Health, Efficiency, Sub-State Level, India, Punjab, disparity, Gini coefficients, Stochastic frontier model, Health facility planning
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