Critical Appraisal of Baby Friendly Hospital Initiatives among the beneficiaries of Indore Urban - A Comparative Study

Nigam, R and Chandorkar, RK and Bhagwat, AK and Dixit, S and Yesikar, V and Sinha, U (2009) Critical Appraisal of Baby Friendly Hospital Initiatives among the beneficiaries of Indore Urban - A Comparative Study. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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Background: Majority of the women in M.P who breastfeed their babies throw away the colostrum before they begin actual feed. Only 14.9% females feed their babies with in 1/2 an hour (National Family Health Survey-3). In Indore 2 hospitals have been given designation of baby friendly hospital (BFH) namely M.Y. hospital (MYH) which is a tertiary care center, attached to Medical College and District hospital (DH). Objectives: (1) To assess the process of implementation of baby friendly hospital initiative programme. (2) Knowledge, Attitude, Practice regarding breast feeding amongst the beneficiaries. Methods: A comparative study was conducted between two BFH and two NBFH (Non Baby Friendly Hospitals) of Indore. The respondents were categorized into health care providers and beneficiaries. A pretested questionnaire was used to interview the respondents which was made taking into consideration the essential 10 Criteria of BFHI Programme. Results: 89% in BFH and 97% in NBFH were having positive attitude towards colostrum feeding. 81% postnatal mothers in BFH and 96% in NBFH were having knowledge about benefits of exclusive breast feeding. 21% postnatal mothers in BFH and 39% in NBFH initiated breast feeding within ½ an hour. 64 % of mothers in BFH and 62 % mothers in NBFH were practicing exclusive breast Feeding. Conclusion: The above findings show that although designated as BFH, the breast feeding practices remained poor as compared to NBFH. There is an utmost need to reinforce training and constant monitoring of health care providers regarding BFHI.

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