Successful Pregnancy Outcome in a Patient With Aortoarteritis

Roychowdhury, Joydeb and Kundu, AK and Sen, A and Dawn, S (2009) Successful Pregnancy Outcome in a Patient With Aortoarteritis. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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Aortoarteritis, also known as Takayasu’s arteritis, aortic arch syndrome or pulseless disease is a rare vascular disease that cause progressive damage including inflammation, scarring, narrowing and abnormal ballooning inside the wall of aorta and major arteries. This case report of aortoarteritis in pregnancy was diagnosed during pregnancy,and successful pregnancy outcome was achieved by combined multidisciplinary supervision of experts

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Keywords:Takayasu’s disease, Aortoarteritis, Intrauterine growth restriction
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