Pattern of antimicrobial agents use in hospital deliveries: A prospective comparative study

Adiga, MNS and Alwar, MC and Pai, MRSM and Adiga, US (2010) Pattern of antimicrobial agents use in hospital deliveries: A prospective comparative study. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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Objective: Drug utilization pattern identifies the problems that arise from the drug usage in health care delivery system and highlights the current approaches to the rational use of drugs. The present study evaluates the utilization pattern of antimicrobial agents in hospital deliveries of different setups. Methodology: Two hundred hospital deliveries from a government hospital GroupI (G-I) and 100 cases each from two private hospitals Group II & Group III (G II & G III) were studied. Groups, drugs, numbers of antimicrobials used, duration with indication for their use were the criteria taken into consideration for comparison. Results: Beta-lactams, nitroimidazoles and fluoroquinolones were commonly prescribed groups of antimicrobials. The duration of prophylaxis was 6.73±1.79, 5.77±1.10 &5.14±1.53 days in three groups respectively which was significantly different (p<0.01). Caesarian section, episiotomy were the commonest prophylactic indications. Conclusion: The present study calls for an urgent review on rational use of antimicrobial for prophylaxis.

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Keywords:Antimicrobial agents, Infection, Prophylaxis, Hospital deliveries
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