Ovarian Fibroma with Meigs Syndrome associated with Elevated CA125 - A Rare Case

Shetty, PK and Bafna, UD and Balaiah, K and Gnana Prakash, S (2010) Ovarian Fibroma with Meigs Syndrome associated with Elevated CA125 - A Rare Case. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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Postmenopausal women with solid adnexal masses, ascites and pleural effusion with elevated CA 125 are highly suggestive for malignant ovarian tumor. However in literature 28 cases Meigs syndrome (Benign ovarian tumor, ascites and right pleural effusion) with raised CA 125 have been reported. We report a case of Meigs syndrome caused by right ovarian fibroma with elevated serum CA125 level in a postmenopausal woman

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Keywords:Ascites, Meigs syndrome, Carcinoembryogenic Antigen (CA) 125
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