A Study on Proteolytic Enzyme Activity in the Erythrocytes of Diabetic Patients

BS, Varashree and Bhat, Gopalakrishna P (2011) A Study on Proteolytic Enzyme Activity in the Erythrocytes of Diabetic Patients. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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The present study demonstrates the possibility of increased proteolytic activities in diabetic individuals. Proteolytic activity was measured by the amount of amino group released by the erythrocyte lysate of the diabetic individual using phenylhydrazine treated hemoglobin as substrate. The proteolytic activity in erythrocyte lysates against oxidatively damaged hemoglobin was significantly increased in diabetic individuals compared to controls (p<0.001).The result of this study indicates that in diabetic individuals, proteolytic enzymes degrade many oxidatively altered proteins preventing the accumulation of altered and damaged proteins in the cell.

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Keywords:Oxidative stress; Proteolytic activity; Diabetes mellitus
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