Elastic membrane based model of human perception

Egoyan, Dr. Alexander (2011) Elastic membrane based model of human perception. [Conference Poster]

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In this work a new approach to multidimensional geometry and multidimensional physics based on smooth infinitesimal analysis (SIA) is proposed. Reality may be considered as the process of time evolution of holistic energetically very weak macro objects - elastic membranes with the geometry based on smooth infinitesimal analysis. An embedded membrane in this multidimensional world will look different for the external and internal observers: from the outside it will look like a material object with smooth infinitesimal geometry, while from the inside our Universe-like space-time fabric. It is shown that our perception may be considered as the result of elastic oscillations of two dimensional elastic membranes with closed topology embedded in our bodies. Only one elastic membrane responsible for its perceptions will correspond to the selected organism, but there may be other membranes, even at the cell level. Elastic membranes stretch and propagate along the direction of attentive focus and occupy energetically favorable positions around microtubules involved into ORch OR. According to the model ORch OR and the elastic membrane corresponding to the living organism are closely connected and support each other.

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Keywords:Perception, ORch OR, Gestalt Psychology
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