Comparison of Ankle Proprioception Between Pregnant and Non Pregnant Women

R, Preetha and SM, John (2011) Comparison of Ankle Proprioception Between Pregnant and Non Pregnant Women. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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Pregnant women report falls especially during their third trimester. Physiological changes along with ligament laxity can affect the joint proprioception in this population. This study was conducted to compare the ankle proprioception between pregnant and non pregnant women. Thirty pregnant and 30 non pregnant women were included in the study and the position of ankles were recorded by a digital camera placed 60 cms away from the feet of the subject. UTHSCSA Image tool software version 3.0. was used to measure the difference between the initial and the final angle. The median repositioning error in the pregnant group was 11.6 (7.6, 12.4) degrees and the median repositioning error in the non-pregnant group was 4.2 (2.1, 6.3) degrees. There was a statistically significant difference in ankle joint proprioception between pregnant and non pregnant women.

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Keywords:Pregnancy; Ankle proprioception; Falls; Repositioning error
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