Morphometry of Glenoid Cavity

Mamatha, T and Pai, SR and Murlimanju, BV and Kalthur, SG and Pai, MM and Kumar, B (2011) Morphometry of Glenoid Cavity. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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Objectives: Knowledge of the shape and dimensions of the glenoid are important in the design and fitting of glenoid components for total shoulder arthroplasty. An understanding of variations in normal anatomy of the glenoid is essential while evaluating pathological conditions like osseous Bankart lesions and osteochondral defects. Methods: This study was done on 202 dry, unpaired adult human scapulae of unknown sex belonging to the south Indian population. Three glenoid diameters were measured, the superior-inferior diameter, anterior-posterior diameter of the lower half and the anterior-posterior diameter of the upper half of the glenoid. Based on a notch present on the anterior glenoid rim, variations in the shape of the glenoid cavity were classified as inverted comma shaped, pear shaped and oval. Results: The average superior-inferior diameter on right and the left sides were 33.67±2.82mm and 33.92±2.87mm respectively. The average anterior-posterior diameter of the lower half of the right glenoid was 23.35±2.04mm and that of the left was 23.02±2.30mm. The mean diameter of the upper half of the right glenoid was 16.27±2.01mm and that of the left was 15.77±1.96mm. Conclusion: The dimensions of the glenoid observed in the present study were lesser than those recorded in the studies done on other populations. This fact may be taken into consideration while designing glenoid prostheses for the south Indian population. The current study recorded a higher percentage of glenoid cavities having the glenoid notch as compared to earlier studies. While evaluating defects/lesions of the glenoid, this fact could be useful.

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