Chondroid Syringoma and Eccrine Spiradenoma

Pailoor, K and Jayaprakash, CS and Naik, RCN and Marla, NJ and Fernandes, H and Pai, MR and Lyngdoh, RH (2011) Chondroid Syringoma and Eccrine Spiradenoma. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) is a well established diagnostic tool. However, most clinicians prefer to diagnose suspected skin tumors by excisional biopsy as they are easily accessible and hence benign skin adnexal tumors are rarely encountered on FNAC. There are only a very few case reports describing the fine needle aspiration cytologic features of chondroid syringoma and eccrine spiradenoma for diagnosis. Cases: First case was a 20 year old female who presented with firm,non-tender swelling in the left little finger measuring 1 cm in diameter. Smears showed clusters of round to plasmacytoid cells with moderate to abundant cytoplasm embedded in a chondromyxoid ground substance . Hence, a diagnosis of chondroid syringoma was made. Another case was a 40 year old lady who presented with a painful swelling on the anterior chest wall measuring approximately 0.8 cms in diameter. Smears were moderately cellular with cohesive sheets and clusters of bland cells of three different cell types. Hence, a probable diagnosis of eccrine spiradenoma was made and both the cases were confirmed histologically. Conclusion: Appropriate knowledge of the cytologic features of chondroid syringoma and eccrine spiradenoma helps in providing a definitive diagnosis and correct management of the patient.

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