Lymphangioma Neck Presenting as a Secondary Lesion of the Tongue

Bansal, S and Dhingra, S and Kanojia, R and Gupta, A (2012) Lymphangioma Neck Presenting as a Secondary Lesion of the Tongue. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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Lymphangiomas are uncommon, benign, congenital tumors of the lymphatic system, usually occurring in the head and neck but rarely involve the tongue. They cause both aesthetic anomalies and obstructive symptoms. Early recognition and surgical excision of these tumors is essential. In recent years, sclerosing therapy with OK-432 has become the preferred treatment. This case presents a very unusual presentation of a lymphangioma neck presenting as a secondary lesion on the tongue post sclerotherapy.

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Keywords:Lymphangioma neck; Tongue; Sclerotherapy; Excision.
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