Prevalence of Hypertension and Association of Obesity with Hypertension in School Ggoing Children of Surat City, Western India.

Shah, SS and Dave, BR and Sharma, AA and Desai, AR (2013) Prevalence of Hypertension and Association of Obesity with Hypertension in School Ggoing Children of Surat City, Western India. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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Purpose: The association of obesity with hypertension has been recognized for the decades which are the important risk factors for the cardiovascular disease. So the purpose of the present study was to determine association of obesity with hypertension in school going children of Surat. Methodology: School going children aged between 12-18 years, of five schools in Surat were selected for the study. Height and weight were measured and BMI was calculated. Blood pressure measurements were taken as per recommendation of American heart society and family history of hypertension has also been assessed. Hypertension was considered if blood pressure is more than 95th percentile according to the update of task force report and Obesity was diagnosed by BMI for age. Results: Of 682 children, 8.94% were obese and 20.09% were hypertensive. Conclusion: Obesity is strongly associated with hypertension in children and both together may risk factors for later coronary disease.

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Keywords:Hypertension; Obesity; School children.
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