Opinion of Health Care Professionals towards Submitting a Research Article to a Journal.

Srikanth, S and Niveditha, G and Rana, S and Brahma, B (2013) Opinion of Health Care Professionals towards Submitting a Research Article to a Journal. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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There are no specific criteria to measure a journals quality, but indexation of a journal in a reputed database such as PubMed/Medline, SCOPUS, EMBASE etc, and whether the journal is having an impact factor produced by Thomson Reuters are looked upon. Many more indexation database have come up recently, and authors are publishing more articles than before. This questionnaire based study was conducted in November 2012 in two medical colleges in south India with the aim to know the opinion of health care professionals towards submitting a research publication to a journal. Prior approval was taken from the Institutional Ethics Committee to conduct the study. The selected participants were from tutors to professors. The information was recorded and analyzed using Microsoft Excel (2007 version). A total of 297 respondents participated in the study, out of which 263 completed the questionnaire. Assistant professors had more number of publications and also had the maximum number of publications as first author. Among the papers published <10% were published in journals which are pubmed indexed. Highest percentage of pubmed indexed journals were published by professors which was around 10%. The knowledge about impact factor was higher among the junior faculty than the professors. The knowledge regarding quality of a journal, with respect to indexation and impact factor of a journal is grossly inadequate among the doctors. Necessary steps should be taken by editorial board of reputed journals and associations such as International Council Of Medical Journal Editors or regulatory authorities such as Medical Council of India to spread the knowledge about quality of a journal.

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