Meningeal Hemangiopericytoma of Brain: Role of Radiation Therapy

Kaur, P and Khurana, A and Chauhan, AK and Singh, G and Singh, S (2013) Meningeal Hemangiopericytoma of Brain: Role of Radiation Therapy. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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Hemangiopericytoma is an uncommon vascular tumour. Complete surgical resection is treatment of choice. However, late local recurrences and distant extraneural metastases ranging from 12% to 57% are reported in literature after complete removal. Post operative radiotherapy is indicated in unresectable or incompletely excised tumour. We present a case of meningeal hemangiopericytoma in a 60 years old female patient treated with surgery and adjuvant radiotherapy. There is no evidence of disease at primary site and no sign or symptoms of metastatic disease in the patient after three years.

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Keywords:Brain tumor; Radiotherapy; Hemangiopericytoma
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